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Why ASI?

Advanced Surveillance Inc. offers custom built surveillance systems to meet your specific needs. Live remote viewing with audio allows you to conveniently monitor your property, business or investment. All products come with a 24 month warranty and free telephone support for as long as you own the system. 


Advantages of ASI
No large capital expenditure
No charge for standard installation
No charge for equipment maintenance
Flexibility to expand or upgrade
Customer care program
Unlimited digital recording
Remote viewing from anywhere
Windows-based unit
Unmatched customer service



Video Security Facts
·One out of every 10 customers who walk through your door is a shoplifter stealing an average of $5.26 each time they enter.
·Out of 7,600 employees who were given a polygraph test, a staggering 83% failed when asked if they had ever from an employer.
·97% of employee theft is NEVER detected.
·Honest employees stole $160 Billion in wasted time last year!



·One out of every 10 customers who walks through your door is a shoplifter.

·Shoplifting costs the average business 2%-5% of gross sales.

·Shoplifters are the average customer that steals on impulse.

·Shoplifters look for surveillance equipment before they steal.

·Shoplifters will not steal if they are being watched



Employee theft is the most costly of all business crimes!
Dishonest employees will devise various ways to STEAL


Ways an employee will justify theft in their own minds:

·Honest employees stole $160 Billion in wasted time last year.

·"I work harder than anyone else"

·"The company has a lot of money"

·"I'll make it up by staying over"

·"I'm not paid enough"

They do not want to be fired for stealing!!

Ways employees steal:

·Short ringing of cash register

·When unobserved, they steal time

·Theft of company inventory 

·Causes 8% of unhappy customers




Financing is available on all products!

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