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With the ASI Equine Surveillance you will have peace of mind with the
ability to watch daily operations.

This includes;
*Employee monitoring
*Employee theft
*Customer service
*Feeding routines
Medication and supplemental routines

    You will always worry about your horses, but now you can log on from anywhere and watch what’s going on. ASI has developed several systems that fit the needs of equestrian business owners. At home or away you will be able to monitor your investments from anywhere and anytime. 

    You can even monitor from your smart devices including, I-phone, I-pad or PC! Along with our surveillance systems we have access control systems that can tie into your units. The surveillance systems are designed to fit anyone’s budget from a one stall barn in the back yard to a 200 stall equestrian center. 


Our systems are also proven to help prevent vandalism, unwanted guests and liability suits.

Monitor your facility in the following ways;  

Daily Operations
Foaling activities
Mare care
Pastures, turnouts and paddocks

Water supply
*Tanks filled
Frozen water

Know who’s in your barn
Know who’s in the tool shed
Know who just drove into the driveway

Prevent Break-in’s
Set up with alarm system to send streaming video as the break-in occurs
Monitor gates and drive ways 

Photo by: Savannah Faye Robin


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