Police Watch

Protect against crime, ensure safer communities, improve officer safety and save lives.


Benefits for police departments

Police will then have immediate access to the following information:

·The number of suspects

·Location of the premises

·Possible presence of weapons

·Perceived level of danger

·Need for back-up

·Possible medical attention

·False alarm

Police watch allows officers to:

·Organize a game plan

·Patrol an area routinely

·Lower crime rate

·Lower officer injury and fatality

·Improve sting operations

·Perform a virtual tour of any location

·Two-way audio communication with any location

·Custom reports for each alarm incident

·The ability to back up even list with video attachment

Benefits for merchants

Once a merchant purchases a system, they will be able to do the following

·Watch employees and all activity that takes place in their business in “real-time” from wherever they are.

·Record “real-time” events on a DVR, which allows a business owner to view activity while it is being recorded as well as to go back and replay and record to a CD.

·Protection for employees if EMS have a better picture of what injuries that may have occurred.

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Police Watch Program Seminar

Above, 27 Surveillance Dealers attended a Police Watch Program Seminar held in Louisville, KY January 30- February 2, 2012.

The ASI team works to demonstrate the state of the art technology featured with the Police Watch Program.

ASI President, Tim Sparks leads a workshop on sales techniques for Surveillance Dealers at the seminar.

Police Watch Program

This advancement provides:

·Actual footage of a crime, which equips officials with a secured indisputable witness.

·Merchants and law enforcement with the means to collaborate on lowering crime rates, creating safer communities

·The ability to view live feed and refer back to “real time” footage within any patrol vehicle.

How does the police watch work?
When a crime occurs in a business, employees will have access to several panic buttons which have been strategically placed at the business. Once this panic button has been activated the live-feed will be sent directly to the police department.

Why should you participate in the Police Watch Program?
This program will help protect against crime and help to ensure a much safer community. The police watch program will also greatly improve officer safety. Knowledge is power and this program provides officers with advanced knowledge of a situation which allows them to better handle dangerous events.

Photo by: Savannah Faye Robin

What you may know:
Since the addition of “dash-cam”, law enforcement officials are now more effectively able to apprehend a criminal after a crime has been committed because a solid identification can now be provided.


What you may not know:
Advancements in technology have provided law enforcement officials with the ability to view surveillance live and in “real-time”.

Other benefits may include:

·Monitor all cameras from anywhere

·Improve customer service and safety

·Increase profits and eliminate losses by 90%-95%

·Eliminate dishonest employees

·Evaluate and increase employee productivity

·Limit injury and unemployment liability

· Digital recording of all activity

·Evidence for law enforcement

· Control sales of cigarettes or liquor

·Increase the safety of employees

· Detour any violence from occurring

Signage will appear at entrances to cities or townships that participate in the Police Watch program. This shows indication of the presence of the program and also uses signage to identify participants in the community.

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