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State of the Art Technology

Our systems can now integrate with your smart phones. Customers are now able to monitor their business live and directly from their I-phone, I-pad and all other smart devices.

  Features Available:

·Record and playback simultaneously

·E-map graphic view

·Multiple location view, web view access, remote playback and file transfer over the internet

·Search by date, time, video motion event, area and point of sale integration

·Playback in single, quad or multi-view

·Digital watermarking

·Individual camera control and setup

·Free additional software

Advanced Surveillance Inc. is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of products.

Other products and services avaliable:

·Surveillance Systems

·24 Month Warranty

·Free Telephone Support

·Surveillance Design

·Ongoing Consultation

·Installation, Where Needed

·Remote Viewing

·Unlimited recording time

·PC based systems

·All systems are digital (no more tapes)

·Lease purchase options

·Access Control Units

·POS (point of sale) cash register

·Day/Night Cameras

·Covert Cameras

·PTZ Cameras

·Digital Surveillance Systems are designed with the number of cameras needed to fit your specific needs.


Surveillance Systems

Digital Surveillance Systems

·Custom built

·Remote viewing

·POS integration

·Object tracking

·Location mapping

·Facial recognition



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